Ferry to Jersey

Ferry to Jersey

The ferry to Jersey is the ideal way to start your holiday - no need to deal with airport queues and hassles - just pack what you need in the car, and your holiday begins as soon as you board the ferry from Poole, Weymouth, or Portsmouth.

With regular crossings on Condor Ferries, you can be sure of a relaxed arrival in Jersey, ready to begin your holiday.

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There are fast ferries to Jersey from Poole to Jersey and Weymouth to Jersey (with crossing times from 3 hours) and there's a conventional ferry runs from Portsmouth to Jersey with a crossing time of around 10h 30m. Whichever you choose, they are the perfect alternative to flying - pack as much as you need in the car, and begin your holiday as soon as you board the ferry. No more airport queues or hassles!

Use this site to find out more information on the ferries to Jersey before you make a booking.

Portsmouth to Jersey Ferry

Portsmouth to Jersey Ferry

Take the ferry to Jersey from Portsmouth

Condor ferries operate the Portsmouth to Jersey ferry with six crossings a week and a journey time of around ten and a half hours.

Click here for more information on the Portsmouth to Jersey ferry.

Weymouth to Jersey Ferry

Weymouth to Jersey Ferry

Take the fast ferry to Jersey from Weymouth

Condor Ferries operate a fast ferry to Jersey from Weymouth. Get to Jersey in excellent time, but without the airport hassle. There's regular crossings and great facilities on the ferry, making this an ideal start to your holiday.

Click here for more information on the Weymouth to Jersey ferry.

Poole to Jersey Ferry

Poole to Jersey Ferry

Take the ferry to Jersey from Poole

There's also a fast ferry (operated by Condor ferries) from Poole to Jersey. Again, there's plenty of crossings to suit your arrangements, and the ferry will get you to Jersey relaxed and ready for your holiday.

Click here for more information on the Poole to Jersey fast ferry.

Guernsey Ferries

Ferries to Guernsey

How to get to Guernsey by ferry

Our sister site, Guernsey Ferries, gives more information about the ferry to Guernsey as an alternative to Jersey. Both Guernsey and Jersey make ideal family holiday destinations - whilst you visit one, you can always catch a ferry to the other for the best of both worlds!

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Other Routes

Ferries to Spain, Holland and Belgium from the UK

Being an island, Britain has ferry routes to several countries on the continent. For those travelling to Spain, there are ferries to Bilbao (P&O Ferries) and Santander (Brittany Ferries) to choose from - both offer the "mini-cruise" experience. There are also ferries to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge - ideal for starting the summer holiday and cutting down the driving if you live in the North.

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